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Professional Opencart Email HTML & Editor

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Преобразование простого письма Opencart в настраиваемый профессиональный HTML шаблон

2nd most popular Opencart extension!

Convert your plain Opencart emails into a customizable Professional HTML Email Template with a touch of class & elegance. If you are looking to really impress your customers with more than a basic text email, then this is a must have extension.

Many happy customers with excellent feedback and reviews, its safe to say you are looking at the best Email Template around. This extension will send ALL of the Opencart emails (plus many new emails and functions we have added) using the professional HTML mail template, even the admin emails.

Our responsive HTML Email template is fully mobile optimized and has been built/tested thoroughly (see results). We know how important it is that your email displays correctly in your customers inbox no matter what; browser/device/application they are using to read emails. Tested on all of the popular email clients to name a few; Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Live, Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad & lots more. We also ensure that if the email client does has image turned off it will downgrade using background colors.

Each email that gets sent has its own template which you can be easily customize with basic HTML skills or add advanced logic with no limitations of being stored in a database. The preview area means that you can quickly test any changes you make with/without images.

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